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08.09.2023 - 28.01.2024

Gdańsk Collection of Modern Art

Gdańsk Collection of Modern Art

The Acquisition Commission of the National Museum in Gdańsk has accepted a deposit from the City of Gdańsk consisting of the following works purchased for the Gdańsk Collection of Modern Art in 2020:

  1. Teresa Tyszkiewicz, Seed, edition 3/5, 1980, video, time: 11’30”, digital copy, MP 4 format.
  2. COX Group: Józef Czerniawski, Edward Kacper Ołowski, Little Bicycle – performance, photo session, unique copy, edition 1.1., 1973, 15 pieces, vintage prints on FOTON photographic paper, gloss, cardboard, format 13x18 cm.
  3. Anna Kutera Feminist Painting, limited edition 2/3, 1973, analogue photography, black and white, sequence of 8 frames, contemporary prints from 2019, dimensions: 50x50 cm each.
  4. Paweł Marek Mazur, Pure Sure – comic book story collection, part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, total: 35 pages, original art

4.1. Pure Sure part 1 – 22,8x16 cm (4 sheets / 8 comic book pages, including cover), 1989;

4.2 Pure Sure part 2 – 22,6x14,5 cm (6 sheets / 12 comic book pages, including cover), 1989;

4.3 Pure Sure part 3 –21,3 x 15,4 cm (4 sheets / 8 comic book pages, including cover), 1989;

4.4 Pure Sure part 4 –21x15 cm (4 sheets / 7 comic book pages, including cover), 1990.

  1. Piotr Wyrzykowski, performance archive from 1991-1996:

5.1. because they are one towards one, C-14 Gallery, Gdańsk, 1991, video 1’02”, original A4 printout, artist’s description, antenna, slide;

5.2. Performance at the Gas exhibition, Starogard Gdański, 1991, photographs, video from television sets mating season 21’14”, graphic design, negatives, text: mating season, Xerox copies;

5.3 External Place Project, PWSSP Gdańsk, 1992. video 5’49”, stencil, text, print;

5.4 Body/Purity, Open Atelier at the former city bathhouse), Gdańsk, 1993, photographs, video: 5’39”, A4 design, (with Jarogniew Milewski);

5.5 Runner (performance), Lichthaus, Bremen, Germany, 1993, video: 6’45”, photographs, negatives, A4 design, DAT (DV);

5.6. Water Makes Touch More Sensitive, Pi Intermedia Workshop, Gdańsk, 1994, video 2’01”, slides, pendant, pendant design;

5.7. Human Farm, Wesołowo, Pi Intermedia Workshop open-air workshop, 1994, video: 2’34”, slides, photograph on a page from the catalogue;

5.8. Drops, Wesołowo, Pi Intermedia Workshop open-air workshop, 1994, video: 4’45”,

5.9. How Many Cuts Do You Need to Get Outside? Axe I, II, III, series of 3 presentations, a) Axe I, Art Hall, Tallinn, Estonia, b) International Art Centre, Poznań, c) Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, Warszawa, 1993, video: 18’12”, photographs, negatives, A4 designs;

5.10. Inauguration Performance, PGS, Sopot, 1993. video: 7’56”, photographs, A0 format poster, invitation (with Jarogniew Milewski);

5.11. Physical Education, Cabel Factory, Muu, Helsinki, 1993, video: 16’13”, photographs, A4 design;

5.12. Soma – Signs of Non-substantial Art, Galeria Wyspa, Gdańsk, 1994, photographs, t-shirt, brush, text, printout, artist’s description, certificate, invitation design;

5.13. Art Is My Body, Intervention, Galeria KONT, Lublin, public space, 1994, clipping from Kuriera Lubelski newspaper;

5.14. Embodying I, Rotunda, 19th Theatre Reminiscences, Kraków, 1994, photographs, negatives, A4 design;

5.15. Embodying II, studio TV, WRO – Monitor Polski, Wrocław, 1994, video: 9’37”, VHS tape which the artist wrapped himself up with, text in Obieg magazine No. 61/62 05/06 1994;

5.16. Art Is My Body, Spiż 7, Gdańsk, 1995. Video: 3’22”, 4 strips with metal letters, photographs, negatives;

5.17. There Is No Body, BWA Słupsk, Performance Polski Festival, 1995, video: 23’26”, t-shirt;

5.18. Copyright, Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, Antibodies exhibition, 1995, video: 60’38”, photographs, original design, fragments of the text of the copyright law from 1994 cut out by the artist, clipping from a map of Europa, negative;

5.19. Swearing In of the President. 23.12.1995, 19:00 Hours, Mózg Club, Bydgoszcz, 1995. video: 19’07”, Donald bubble gum comic strips, image of Our Lady, masks, slide;

5.20. Teleperformance, QQ Gallery, Kraków, 1995. Photographs, t-shirt;

5.21. 44, series of presentations, 1995: a) Mózg Club, Bydgoszcz, b) Bytów Castle, c) Museum of Art, Łódź, video: 1’21”, photographs, t-shirty, t-shirt clippings, negatives, graphic design, author’s description;

5.22. NATO Now! Safe Poland or No Poland at All, series of presentations, 1995-1996: a) Gdańsk ASP, b) Ice Fabrik, Hannover, Germany at the VideoMentale Festival; c) Amorf, Tampere, Finland; d) AnnArt 7, Bucharest, Romania e) Banff Center, Calgary, Canada video: 23’45”, video 1’23”, photographs, negatives, t-shirt, emotion transformer exhibition poster with 3 photographs pasted on it.

  1. Andrzej Karmasz, Silence of Taming, edition: 2/5 + AP, 2005, video SD (standard definition), digital recording in MP4 format on DVD Verbatim M-Disc. Time: 10’13”. Signed DVD.
  2. Mateusz Pęk, Religious Implant from the series Catholic Church Techno-Sacralisation Project, 2005, lightbox, C-print, dimensions: 74x105x4 cm.

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