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WHEN: 14 May 2022

  • Department of Historical Art, ul. Toruńska 1
  • Green Gate, Długi Targ 24
  • Gdańsk Gallery of Photography, Długi Targ 24
  • NOMUS – New Art Museum, ul. Jaracza 14
  • Department of Modern Art – Abbots’ Palace in Oliwa, ul. Cystersów 18
  • Department of Ethnography w Oliwie, ul. Cystersów 19
  • Polish National Anthem Museum in Będomin, Będomin 16
  • Polish Gentry Museum in Waplewo Wielkie




On this year’s Night of the Museums, we will open the doors to all seven of our museum buildings with a rich programme of events, concerts, meetings and games prepared specially for this wonderful night. That said, a Museum is first and foremost about exhibitions, so first, we would like to remind you about what our departments have got to offer this May.

 At the Department of Historical Art, there is not only Memling’s famous Last Judgement to tempt the public but also the Pious and Virtuous, our ever-popular permanent exhibition where art reveals how the Gdańskers of old wanted to be seen. Was it a search for a moral compass or perhaps only superficial image building? Of course, the final judgement belongs to the public. At the Green Gate, you can see what a temptation big city life was already in the 18th century. The Coming Back Home exhibition is essentially the story of the intense longing of Pastor Johann Haselau for his native Gdańsk. And for us today, also an invaluable source of knowledge about the Gdańsk of old. At the Department of Ethnography in the Abbott’s Granary, the permanent exhibition presents the traditional forms of the rural economy of the various groups living in Gdańsk Pomerania: the Kashubians, Kociewians, Tuchola Borowians, North Vistulans (Powiślanie) or the Żuławy Lowlanders. The Charm and Fantasy temporary exhibition deals with an unusual topic, the history of advertising and fashion photography In communist Poland. It turns out that the temptation to stand out and be original was irresistible even in a centrally-planned communist economy. Next door, in the Abbotts’ Palace, are two more exhibitions: A New Look and August Zamoyski. To Think in Stone. So, on the one hand, there is a gallery of Polish contemporary art and, on the other hand, a huge monographic exhibition presenting the work and very colourful life of one of the most eminent Polish sculptors of the 20th century. If you still want more modern art, we, of course, recommend visiting NOMUS, the New Art Museum, where in the Collection in Action exhibition, we raise the question of how art and the artist work today? The exhibitions at our branches in Będomin and Waplewo Wielkie look back into the past, but of course, within the context of what is being discussed today. The Polish Parliament declared 2022 as the Year of Józef Wybicki, and so we recall the politician, lawyer, general and innovator who, however, in the public mind went down in history mainly as the author of one song. Of course, this song is obviously a considerable achievement. This is why at the other exhibition at the Polish National Anthem Museum, we present the entire story of the Song of the Polish Legions in Italy. Last but not least, we invite you to the palace interiors of the manor in Waplewo Wielkie, where you can learn about another inherent element of Polish culture, the gentry tradition.


Department of Historical Art
place: Gdańsk, ul. Toruńska 1
opening hours: 19:00-1:00

19:00-23:00 – Watch out for the Detail! – architectural field game

19:00-1:00 – DJ set with Blank

20:00 – Tour of the Pious and Virtuous. Gdańskers of old reflected in art exhibition

21:00 – Ukrainian language tour of the Pious and Virtuous. Gdańskers of old reflected in art exhibition

21:30 – Goats' Ghost – Mikołaj Trzaska Live in Concert

19:00-1:00 – Chillout Zone with the Red Light Pub

Green Gate
place: Gdańsk, Długi Targ 24

opening hours: 19:00-1:00

21:00 – Meeting with the curator of the Coming Back Home. Gdańsk in the prints from the collection of Pastor Johann Haselau exhibition

Gdańsk Gallery of Photography
place: Gdańsk, Długi Targ 24

opening hours: 19:00-1:00

19:00 – Promo meeting for the album of Views of Gdańsk on glass negatives from the collection of the Gdańsk Stadtmuseum  [Widoki Gdańska na szklanych negatywach ze zbiorów Stadtmuseum w Gdańsku]

NOMUS – New Art Museum
place: Gdańsk, ul. Jaracza 14

opening hours: 19:00-1:00

20:30 – Olo Walicki & Jacek Prościński – Llovage Live in Concert

22:00 – Gordiy Starukh Live in Concert

19:00-1:00 – Chillout Zone with the Red Light Pub

Department of Modern Art – Abbots’ Palace in Oliwa
place: Gdańsk, ul. Cystersów 18

opening hours: 19:00-1:00

19:00-23:00 – “The Park of sculptures” museum field game

20:00 - Curator tour of the August Zamoyski. Think in Stone”, Małgorzata Paszylka-Glaza

place: Gdańsk, ul. Cystersów 19

opening hours: 19:00-1:00

19:00 – Curator tour of the Folk Culture of Gdańsk Pomerania exhibition

19:00-21:00 – Bombs With Seeds. Ecological workshop (Dorota Dombrowska, Pracownia wy.twórcza)

19:00-01:00 – Ethnogame. Be an Explorer! museum field game

21:00 – Multi Culti Dance (Trójwiejska Society and Wieloróda Guild)

19:00-01:00 – Chillout Zone with the Red Light Pub

The Bombs With Seeds and Multi Culti Dance workshops will take place under the Shelter, Climate, Migration, Heritage project, co-financed from EEA funds under the Culture Programme, Outcome  2, Improvement of access to culture and art, under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area for 2014 – 2021.

Polish National Anthem Museum in Będomin
place: Będomin 16

opening hours: 16:00-24:00

16:00-24:00 – “The Enlightened” – field game brought to you in partnership with the Teodora and Izydor Gulgowski Kashubian Ethnography  Park Museum in Wdzydze

16:00-24:00 – Stand presenting the history of lighting


place: Waplewo Wielkie
opening hours: 16:00-24:00

19:00 – Curator tour and the first in a series of meetings tilted Welcome Home (a presentation of recouped items from the Sierakowski family collection)



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